What do eNTERFACE workshops produce as results?

At the end of the workshop, a public presentation day is organized, in which the team leaders explain and demonstrate the results of their project. A press conference is also organized, to maximally publicize the event. All results, codes and data, are then made publicly available with an MIT-like open source license. Last but not least, the workshop proceedings are produced 6 weeks after the end of the workshop, in which each team contributes a 15pp. paper on the project they had to study, the related state-of-the-art, the problems encountered, and the solution(s) proposed and implemented. But still more importantly, eNTERFACE workshops create a real transfer of know-how among participants, who continue to work together after the workshop has closed. They actively contribute to building the European Research Area, by establishing a tradition of localized collaborative research.

Complete archives of
eNTERFACE workshops results
can be found HERE

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