Accommodation & Meals

The registration form for accommodation and meals is closed.


The participants will be lodged in the “Cité Pierre Houzeau-de-Lehaie” – Student Residence, Boulevard Dolez 69 in Mons. The residence is located on the university campus, at less than 5 minutes walking from the NUMEDIART Institute.

This hall of residence offers 288 single rooms. A part of these rooms will be reserved for eNTERFACE 2015 participants (other arrangement is possible for couples, if specified in the accomodation registration form). Laundry facilities have been added recently.

Each room has a private toilet and bathroom. There is also a fridge, wardrobe, desk and chair. Each room offers Internet connectivity. It is possible to have bedclothes (bed linen, pillow, duvet, duvet cover) as well as access to laundry facilities with an extra cost. A security deposit of 30€ per room is required. 


Duration Room without bedclothes Room with bedclothes
1 week 90€ 134€
2 weeks 155€ 199€
3 weeks 220€ 264€
4 weeks 285€ 329€


1st view of a room 2nd view of a room View of the private bathroom



It will be possible to have breakfast and/or lunch at the “Cité Pierre Houzeau-de-Lehaie” – Student Residence cafeteria. The prices per meal are :

  • Breakfast : 3.50€
  • Lunch (plus one drink) : 6.90€

Breakfast menu :

Drinks coffee, milk, hot chocolate
Food mini size viennoiseries, cereals, bread, ham, cheese, jam, chocolate spread

Provisional lunch menu :

Mon, 10th Grilled chicken skewer, middle-eastern tabbouleh
Tue, 11th Beef steak, herbed potatoes, seasonal salad
Wed, 12th Couscous merguez and chicken drumstick
Thu, 13th Spaghetti parmigiana
Fri, 14th Fresh fish, ratatouille, rice


Mon, 17th Four cheese penne
Tue, 18th Lamb burger, bulgur with raisins and honey
Wed, 19th Tomato sauce meatballs, chips
Thu, 20th Moussaka
Fri, 21st Fresh fish, grilled eggplants, herbed potatoes


Mon, 24th Archiduc sauce chicken breast, jacket potatoes
Tue, 25th Tagliatelli carbonara
Wed, 26th Pepper sauce beef burger, chips
Thu, 27th Neapolitan breaded chicken cutlet, rice
Fri, 28th Fresh fish, fennel, mashed potatoes


Mon, 31st Vol-au-vent, chips
Tue, 1st Bearnaise sauce roasted ham, chips, seasonal salad
Wed, 2nd Lasagne bolognese
Thu, 3rd Provençal turkey steak, potato croquettes
Fri, 4th Nantua sauce fresh fish, boiled potatoes with parsley


Halal and vegetarian meals can also be requested, but we would like to draw your attention to the fact that these menus will not be very diversified.